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  • What motivates older Americans to take a stand on civic issues?
  • What motivates older Americans to take a stand on civic issues?
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What does activism mean for American Boomers?

Boomers may have grown up alongside the hippie movement, but Gen Yers and Zers seem decidedly opposed to their contemporary social and political views. Are older Americans as conservative and self-serving as the ‘OK Boomer’ insult makes them seem? Or are they still keen activists?

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Up until 2019, Boomers (defined by the Pew Research Center as those born between 1946 and 1964) made up the largest generation in the US, with an estimated 71.6 million people nationwide. [1] Though they’ve since been overtaken by Gen Yers, these older Americans still represent a politically powerful bloc – for the 2020 election, they’re expected to account for 28% of eligible voters. [2] Additionally, in 2018, 64% of Boomers who were registered to vote said they were looking forward to the midterm elections – a proportion that hadn’t changed much since the 2010 and ...



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    How can brands connect with Gen Xers?

    When they were younger, they were known for just being a bunch of slackers. But things have changed: in 2020, Gen Xers are the ones with the money and the power – so why are brands ignoring them? And what can they do to connect with and cater to this small but financially mighty generation?

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    What causes Americans to break up with brands?

    People are becoming increasingly aware of what brands are doing behind the scenes. But what would cause shoppers to stop supporting them? Canvas8 surveyed 4,982 Americans and spoke to eight people to find out what they would do if a brand did something that didn't align with their values.

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    How are American parents raising kids on a budget?

    Raising a family has always been expensive. But for many moms and dads in the US, squeezed budgets and rising social pressures mean they’re having to get creative to make ends meet. How are brands and fellow parents helping families to care for, feed, and clothe their little ones?

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    How the ‘original rebels’ are staying entertained past 50

    Life after 50 may seem daunting due to financial and health concerns, but Boomers and Gen Xers in the US have myriad ways of cutting loose. With ample free time and a good level of tech-savviness, they’re getting their kicks by exploring new passions and traversing the physical and digital world.