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  • How is Haus levelling up aperitif options for Gen Yers?
  • How is Haus levelling up aperitif options for Gen Yers?
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Haus: D2C aperitifs for mindful drinkers

With its all-natural flavorings, subscription model, and Instagram-friendly unboxing experience, Haus taps health-focused Gen Yers who want low-sugar, lower-alcohol options. And the brand’s collaboration with COVID-19-shuttered restos appeals to those looking to support the industry.

Location United States

Can at-home aperitivo hours save America’s now-shuttered restaurant industry? Haus, the quintessentially Gen Yer drinks brand, thinks it can certainly play a part. On April 7th 2020, it unveiled The Restaurant Project, a (growing) collection of 13 white-label aperitifs made in collaboration with some of America’s most hyped restaurant brands, where 100% of profits go to these partners. By April 19th, 12 days after launch, Haus co-founder Helena Price Hambrecht reported the first five-figure checks had been cut, thanks to high pre-order interest. [1]





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