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  • Why do some messages of support fall flat with audiences?
  • Why do some messages of support fall flat with audiences?
    Cassia Tofano (2020) ©

What's wrong? The science of emotional support

The psychological distress caused by COVID-19 has caused many people in isolation to rely on friends, family, online communities, and brands for a sense of normality. Canvas8 spoke to Xi Tian, a researcher at Penn State University, to understand what’s required for effective emotional support.

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Taking place between the 18th and 24th of May, the UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which aims to get people speaking about their mental wellbeing, came at a timely moment in 2020. Weeks of isolation and mass job losses due to COVID-19 have fuelled a widespread sense of anxiety and raised concerns about the long-term psychological effects of the pandemic. Indeed, research from early May estimated that up to 23 million Britons may be struggling to cope mentally during lockdown, while in the US, roughly 70% of people experienced moderate to severe mental ...



  • Article image Evermood: maximising mental health for employees

    As employers become more mindful of workplace wellbeing, they’re focusing on mental health by promoting open channels of communication. Helping to create a supportive environment is Evermood, a platform where employees can be anonymously candid about their work experiences.

  • Article image How are people reacting to the impact of COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the nature of daily life, from postponing major events and shutting down entire industries to restricting the movement of billions worldwide. Canvas8 spoke to 19 people to understand how they’re coping with and adapting to these changes.

  • Article image Are young people lacking in emotional resilience?

    The term ‘snowflake’ is often used to diminish young people’s ability to handle adversity, but are Gen Yers and Zers really less emotionally resilient than older cohorts? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to understand the importance of negative emotions in developing effective coping methods.

  • Article image Let it all out! The science of emotional release

    Retail therapy is an ironic term – no one expects to have an epiphany as a result of it. But research suggests certain forms of consumption can help relieve repressed feelings. Canvas8 spoke to Leighanne Higgins of Lancaster University to understand how brands can aid emotional release.