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  • How are Gen Zers wielding their power as they enter adulthood?
  • How are Gen Zers wielding their power as they enter adulthood?
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2020 Generational Snapshot of Gen Z

How are young people balancing their bleak world-view with a distinct sense of humour? Why do values-led Zers sometimes shop unethically? What steps are they taking to safeguard their increased usage of tech? And how will their attitudes to health be shaped by COVID-19?

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For many Gen Zers, 2020 promised myriad rites of passage: graduations, university visits, holidays, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, first kisses, and first loves. But COVID-19 has largely stopped life in its tracks, cancelling all group events and classes, and forcing almost all communication to be enacted through tech. Teens are even hosting virtual proms, with posts tagged as #tiktokprom racking up more than 2.2 billion views to date. But beyond the effects on emotions and relationships, there’s no telling what they will have to go without as coronavirus erodes their potential earnings and trust in institutions.



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    What do Gen Zer moms want from brands?

    As Gen Zers enter motherhood, their needs differ from the generations that came before them. From their approach to shopping and cooking to their views on health and wellness – how do female Gen Zers do parenthood, and what do they expect from the brands they’re buying for their families?

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    How is ‘buy now, pay later’ impacting Gen Zers’ debt?

    Gen Yers and Zers are turning to payment services like Klarna, Afterpay, and Laybuy to help their wallets keep up with their shopping habits. But due to a lack of education regarding financial responsibility, how are these ‘buy now, pay later’ services impacting their financial futures?

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    What’s the future of Gen Z travel?

    Savvy when it comes to social media and sustainability, Gen Zers thrive on worldly experiences. Their work lives are a means to save for travel and they’re more spontaneous than previous generations. How can brands tap this adventure-hungry mindset as they grow up globetrotting?

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    How are Gen Zers managing their money?

    Today’s teens and young adults are set to become the world’s most influential consumers within a decade, but how has growing up in the aftermath of a financial crash affected the way Gen Zers spend and save their money? What can help these digital natives improve their financial know-how?