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  • How can mature employees boost a company’s success?
  • How can mature employees boost a company’s success?
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Rest Less: promoting age diversity at work

Often pushed into retirement or redundancy by ageist attitudes and business practices, older workers want to stay in the workforce but may struggle to. Career service Rest Less hopes to make a difference by connecting companies with the over-50s workforce, who bring experience and expertise.

Location United Kingdom

“Nenah Cherry is 55. Kylie 51. But the brands creeping into my social feeds like spider veins have me tea-dancing at adult-only hotels and pissing myself when I laugh,” says Grey London’s Vicky Maguire. [1] The idea of being ‘past it’ after the age of 40 is a pervasive one, not just in popular culture, but the real world where people can and are losing jobs as a result of it. Stuart Lewis, the founder of Rest Less realised this after his father died. Having worked for 35 years, his father was in ...



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    How are Boomers using tech to combat loneliness?

    Whether due to divorce, bereavement, or family relocation, loneliness is an everyday issue for many American Boomers. But as members of this aging cohort sharpen their tech skills, they’re being exposed to apps and devices that help them establish new connections both online and IRL.

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    What do menopausal women want from beauty brands?

    All sorts of stigmas are being broken in today's beauty industry, but the needs of menopausal women are often ignored. Absent in ads and lacking products for their changing skin and hair, these women are now pushing brands to step up and address this ‘last taboo’ without any sugar-coating.

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    Why are Americans working into old age?

    Rather than winding down their working lives after they hit 65, more and more American Boomers are either in employment or looking for jobs. And while some are toiling out of necessity to cover everyday costs, others are taking up roles that let them try something new or feel a sense of community.

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    How can workplaces empower mid-career women?

    Female Gen Xers were trailblazers in the workplace, but now face mid-career challenges that often go overlooked. Canvas8 spoke with Kath Sloggett, founder of career coaching organisation Runneth, to learn how businesses can better support them during pivotal moments in their working lives.