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  • What’s made Australians crazy for Lune Croissanterie’s baked goods?
  • What’s made Australians crazy for Lune Croissanterie’s baked goods?
    Lune Croissanterie (2020) ©

Lune Croissanterie: baked goods for novelty seekers

As people seek to sate their appetite for indulgent treats, they’re looking to handcrafted, high-quality bakery offerings for satisfaction. At Lune Croissanterie, a former aerodynamicist is applying her engineering skills to croissants, using science to add some magic to premium baked goods.

Location Australia

Before social distancing and lockdown measures came into effect due to COVID-19, at the first crack of light on any given day in Melbourne’s suburb of Fitzroy, people were queuing for croissants at Lune Croissanterie. Not just any croissants, but days-in-the-making, twice-baked, plain or filled, topped or dusted croissants. Works of pastry art. Precision-engineered. These Australian-made baked goods are French-inspired but with a twist.





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