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  • What has got Americans stanning Dr. Anthony Fauci?
  • What has got Americans stanning Dr. Anthony Fauci?
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Dr. Fauci: an influencer for the COVID-19 age

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top immunologist, has attracted a dedicated stanbase due to leading the US in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic. His popularity sheds some light on how people’s attitudes to experts, and leaders, may change in a post-pandemic world.

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At a time when fake news has become more dangerous and ubiquitous than ever, America has found itself an unlikely hero in the figure of immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci. During White House briefings, the doctor is often relied upon to counter uninformed assertions by President Donald Trump – for example, that a vaccine for the virus is nearing availability or that people may be able to cure themselves of the coronavirus by drinking bleach. [1]





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    How will COVID-19 change the cult of celebrity?

    From poetry readings to live music tutorials, COVID-19 is transforming the ways celebrities interact with fans. But how are influencers and celebs using or misusing their platforms to broadcast how relatable and accessible they are? And how will the cult of celebrity evolve post-pandemic?

  • Doctors use TikTok to reach authority-wary Gen Zers

    Doctors use TikTok to reach authority-wary Gen Zers

    US healthcare professionals are using TikTok to share medical advice with teens, as their trust in traditional sources of authority dwindles. By communicating via a more relaxed, less commercialized platform that prioritizes authenticity, doctors and other experts may be able to regain their authority. 

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    How did the cult of the amateur kill off experts?

    Where once experts were regarded as symbols of authority and respect, today they are overshadowed by influencers, personal opinions, and instant gratification. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Tom Nichols, to find out the reasons and impacts behind the era of self-proclaimed experts.

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    How are the ‘worried well’ transforming healthcare?

    While Americans used to look to doctors and nurses for the final word on medical matters, that’s not always the case nowadays. Influenced by social media gurus and aided by digital tracking tools, the ‘worried well’ are taking a proactive approach to health that minimizes input from professionals.