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  • Could ‘little and often’ supermarket trips become a thing of the past?
  • Could ‘little and often’ supermarket trips become a thing of the past?
    Philippe Beliveau (2020) ©

Why is the big weekly shop back for Britons?

Driven by the need to distance themselves from others and adhere to stricter budgets, many Britons are changing the way they shop for groceries due to COVID-19. But while a growing number are ordering online and stockpiling during the crisis, which behaviours are likely to stick afterwards?

Location United Kingdom

Since the arrival of COVID-19 in the UK, almost half (47%) of Britons claim to be shopping less frequently at supermarkets, with many turning to online channels for the first time to stock up on supplies. [1] Indeed, according to Kantar, the proportion of grocery sales that took place online grew from 7.4% in March 2020 to 10.2% in April, with older customers driving this surge. [2] Yet while Tesco may have increased its online delivery capacity by 103% during the crisis, reaching more than a million homes a week, the transition hasn’t been ...



  • Article image Heinz To Home: D2C bundles to fill pandemic pantries

    Panic-buying at supermarkets has made it difficult for many people to get hold of the everyday goods they need. With traditional fulfilment channels stretched by COVID-19, Heinz is embracing a direct-to-consumer model to get its products into pantries with just a few clicks.

  • Lockdown renews UK’s love for the ‘big weekly shop’ Lockdown renews UK’s love for the ‘big weekly shop’

    The big weekly shop is back – amid pandemic restrictions, Britons are going to the supermarket less often and spending more when they do. With online sales also booming, retailers have worked to dramatically and rapidly increase their online capacity, changing the way the UK buys food.

  • Supermarket Check-In lets Britons optimise shopping Supermarket Check-In lets Britons optimise shopping

    Long queues and stock shortages have made shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic no easy task. The Supermarket Check-In app aims to simplify this part of daily life, monitoring waiting times and item availability at stores across the UK so people can make their trips as efficient as possible.

  • Article image Lidl: a low-cost, high-trust supermarket challenger

    Lidl is a German ‘hard discount’ supermarket chain that set up shop on British shores in 1994. Since then, it has quietly – but dramatically – altered the landscape of grocery shopping in the UK. With online shopping being king across industries, how is Lidl continuing to attract loyal customers?