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  • Could COVID-19 normalise food subscription services?
  • Could COVID-19 normalise food subscription services?
    Heinz To Home (2020) ©

Heinz To Home: D2C bundles to fill pandemic pantries

Panic-buying at supermarkets has made it difficult for many people to get hold of the everyday goods they need. With traditional fulfilment channels stretched by COVID-19, Heinz is embracing a direct-to-consumer model to get its products into pantries with just a few clicks.

Location United Kingdom

The arrival of COVID-19 in the UK was heralded by a wave of panic-buying at supermarkets. As images of empty shelves spread across social feeds and mainstream media, concerns grew about how people would do their grocery shopping, prompting a surge of interest in delivery options. According to a survey carried out in mid-March, 60% of 18- to 34-year-olds had already increased their usage of food delivery services due to the pandemic, while 40% of those aged 35-54 and 34% of over-55s were planning to do so. [1] This jump in demand has put considerable strain ...



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    What would make people loyal to brands post-crisis?

    With public resources stretched, COVID-19 has created opportunities for brands to demonstrate their pro-social values. But how are people evaluating their responses to the crisis? Canvas8 spoke to 16 Britons and Americans to learn how brand actions may affect customer loyalty in the future.

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    Do people want to be rescued by brands in a crisis?

    COVID-19 could potentially reshape people’s shopping habits based on the way that businesses respond to the crisis. Canvas8 spoke to semiotics expert Soma Ghosh to learn how brands are honing their communications to reassure and empower audiences – and win their loyalty in the process.

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    Identity crisis! The science of subscription choice

    From perfumes to furniture, there’s a subscription platform for everything – but why do some people keep paying for services they never use? Canvas8 spoke to Jennifer Savary, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Arizona, to find out why cancelling a subscription is so hard.

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    How are meal kits catering to American eating habits?

    Appealing to those seeking both convenience and healthy food, meal kits are expanding from doorstep delivery to grocery stores, where their à la carte options allow shoppers to make last-minute eating decisions. As we try to do more with less time, how are these kits transforming our days?