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  • Why are Britons getting interested in foraging wild food?
  • Why are Britons getting interested in foraging wild food?
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What’s driving our obsession with foraging?

Interest in foraging has grown as people seek to reinvigorate their connection to nature, cut down on meat consumption, and adopt eco-friendly behaviours. Once led by luxury restaurants looking for unusual, local ingredients, why are people signing up to learn how to forage for their dinner?

Location United Kingdom

Before the COVID-19 pandemic confined everyone to their homes, foraging was enjoying a cultural moment, with a proliferation of courses, walks, and books teaching people how to find food in the wild to eat, drink, or use as medicine. While the interest began with celebrity chefs – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, for example – championing the use of unusual, local ingredients, foraging courses have become popular as people seek to learn about gathering fresh wild food both in rural areas and urban parks, and even cemeteries, as we try to live more sustainably. [1]

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