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  • What kind of entertainment do people want during a pandemic?
  • What kind of entertainment do people want during a pandemic?
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What does escapism look like in a pandemic?

With people spending more time at home, they’re turning to entertainment to break the monotony of the everyday and channel their anxiety into something more hands-on. But can escapism really help people feel more empowered? And how do they want brands to speak to them during a pandemic?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Ever wanted to play God? Would you enjoy the power to mutate a virus’ genetic code, so that its transmissibility and lethality increases, thwarting the efforts of scientists to find a cure – ultimately giving yourself the power over who lives and who dies? The premium mobile game Plague Inc. creates that experience for players, and the final goal is to wipe out all of humanity with a highly-evolved virus. In light of the pandemic, this might sound like poor taste, but as COVID-19 transforms lives in unprecedented ways, downloads of Plague Inc. keep increasing – notably in nations ...



  • Pandemic fiction booms amid COVID-19 uncertainty Pandemic fiction booms amid COVID-19 uncertainty

    Amid the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Britons are seeking solace from literature and buying up stories about fictional pandemics. With people’s fears and anxieties getting greater every day, they’re turning to fiction for answers – but it could add to the hysteria.

  • Article image How are gaming communities levelling up?

    Once perceived as an anti-social pursuit, gaming now offers people a way to connect with peers around the world through streaming, forums, and social media. How do these diverse communities go beyond gameplay to support individuals in their search for escapism and creative expression?

  • Addiction clinic gives gamers mental health support Addiction clinic gives gamers mental health support

    The NHS has opened up a clinic aimed at treating children and young adults with gaming addictions. The new service comes in an era when young people face increasing mental health pressures in a digital world, and there’s a demand from the public for such issues to be addressed.

  • Article image Why did E-sports Go Mainstream?

    Now touted as a multi-billion dollar industry, e-sports has brands queuing up to tap into a highly engaged audience and the players that are capturing their hearts and minds. What transformed a relatively niche entertainment model into a sporting leader?