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  • Why are cleaning hacks so popular on social media?
  • Why are cleaning hacks so popular on social media?
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Home hackers: DIY cleaners finding inspiration online

Armed with an internet connection and a laundry list of jobs, home hackers are connecting globally to share cleaning tips. But what drives people to come up with DIY solutions when there are so many specialised products out there? And how can brands show their value to these individuals?

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COVID-19 may have the whole world rethinking their hygiene, but cleaning was getting a makeover years prior to the pandemic. Across the globe, ‘home hackers’ have been sharing quick and improvised tips to tidy up, harnessing the viral potential of social media to make household chores more joyful. From microwaving lemons to soaking showerheads in baking soda and vinegar, these ‘hacks’ ricochet rapidly around sites like Mumsnet and beyond, offering an alternative to conventional solutions that may be avoided for practical or ethical reasons. [1][2]

But what exactly makes a hack go bang? ...



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