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  • What can parents do to make lockdown more fun for kids?
  • What can parents do to make lockdown more fun for kids?
    Five Minute Mum (2020) ©

Five Minute Mum: easy fixes for lockdown fun

As people around the world experience lockdown, parents are struggling to keep their children entertained and educated while maintaining their day jobs. Online platform Five Minute Mum provides daily inspiration through games that are quick and easy-to-assemble – and to tidy away.

Location United Kingdom

As the UK government moved to stem the spread of COVID-19 in late March 2020, businesses, schools, and nurseries across the country were closed to all but the children of key workers. Millions of parents across the country are facing the task of juggling working from home with home-schooling and looking after their children, all while remaining largely indoors. Keeping children entertained can be challenging at the best of times – almost three-quarters (74%) of parents say they struggle to come up with fun and creative ideas and activities. [1] “With the increase in both parents ...



  • Article image How are home-management apps optimizing parenting?

    Keeping track of kids, errands, and to-do lists is no easy task, so parents are turning to tech for a helping hand. With people increasingly approaching managing their household as they do workplace tasks, how are they leveraging productivity and organizational tools to streamline the everyday?

  • YouTube show gives home-schooling parents a break YouTube show gives home-schooling parents a break

    With parents home-schooling during the lockdown, their time is stretched between their domestic and professional duties. Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq is lending a hand with a series of educational shows on YouTube to keep little ones entertained and give parents a break.

  • Podcast celebrates experience of LGBTQ+ parents Podcast celebrates experience of LGBTQ+ parents

    Some Families is the UK’s first LGBTQ+ parenting podcast. With same-sex marriage and adoption on the rise, people are looking for content that celebrates shared experience and offers support. Brands that offer inclusive stories that focus on the LGBTQ+ parenting experience will resonate.

  • Article image Frolo: creating a single-parent community

    Raising a child as a single parent isn’t easy – carers are doing twice the work with half the resources. Enter Frolo: an app for solo mums and dads. It’s providing a safe space for like-minded parents to share experiences, swap tips, make friends, and meet up in real life.