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  • How is Evermood’s platform promoting workplace wellbeing?
  • How is Evermood’s platform promoting workplace wellbeing?
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Evermood: maximising mental health for employees

As employers become more mindful of workplace wellbeing, they’re focusing on mental health by promoting open channels of communication. Helping to create a supportive environment is Evermood, a platform where employees can be anonymously candid about their work experiences.

Location Germany

With the outbreak of COVID-19, more people are pivoting to work from home than ever before. [1] This workplace shift is bringing about a whole new set of challenges for both employers and employees when it comes to maintaining good mental health. New forms of collaborating and communicating will emerge as employers work to manage employee anxiety and stress from a distance – and companies are vying to be the best in class when it comes to remote employee-relations management.





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