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  • What are the psychological drivers of panic-buying?
  • What are the psychological drivers of panic-buying?
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What can I do!? The science of seeking control

The spread of COVID-19 has seen people frantically stock their cupboards and freezers, with empty supermarket shelves a common sight worldwide. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Leonard Lee, a marketing professor at the National University of Singapore, to understand the human needs that fuel panic-buying.

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Whether it’s for pasta, toilet paper, or cleaning products, shoppers have been dashing to stores to stock up on essentials as they try to prepare for the uncertain impact of COVID-19. In the UK, supermarkets saw year-on-year sales in the 12 weeks to March 2020 grow by the fastest rate since November 2019, while Grofers, an online grocery in India, reported that orders in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Ahmedabad had grown by nearly 80% over a matter of weeks in February and March. According to research from Nielsen, the rush to build ‘pandemic ...



  • Article image How will COVID-19 impact long-term behaviours?

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused people around the world to suddenly and drastically alter their everyday habits, but what will the lasting impact be? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore the long-term implications of the crisis on how we spend, socialise, and stay healthy.

  • Article image I’m sooo good! The science of virtue-signalling

    With people demanding their voices be heard more than ever before, taking a moral stance on all sorts of things is the new normal. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Jillian Jordan, postdoctoral fellow at the Kellogg School of Management, to find out how brands can appeal to our desire to be morally good.

  • Article image Are young people lacking in emotional resilience?

    The term ‘snowflake’ is often used to diminish young people’s ability to handle adversity, but are Gen Yers and Zers really less emotionally resilient than older cohorts? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to understand the importance of negative emotions in developing effective coping methods.

  • Article image Let it all out! The science of emotional release

    Retail therapy is an ironic term – no one expects to have an epiphany as a result of it. But research suggests certain forms of consumption can help relieve repressed feelings. Canvas8 spoke to Leighanne Higgins of Lancaster University to understand how brands can aid emotional release.