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  • What’s keeping women from broadcasting their success?
  • What’s keeping women from broadcasting their success?
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Why don’t women self-promote in the workplace?

Women often shy away from highlighting their achievements and value at work. But considering they’re positively impacted by another woman’s success, how can brands, platforms, and an inclusive approach help women get comfortable sharing their success and inspire them to claim their worth?

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While companies have made progress in gender equality – as of February 2020, one-third of FTSE 100 board members were female – women continue to be under-represented in senior leadership roles. Indeed, just 15% of FTSE 100 finance directors are women. [1] This is despite the business case having been made for greater diversity. "It's not just a ‘nice to have’. The research is clear: firms with diverse boards and management teams make better decisions, drive innovation and outperform their less diverse peers,” says Chris Cummings, chief executive of the Investment Association. [2]



  • Article image How are working moms shaking up the system?

    The soccer mom cliché couldn’t feel more dated. These days, American moms are more likely to be breadwinners than pitchside cheerleaders. But a new era for moms doesn’t mean businesses have adapted, so they’re making new realities instead. How are moms taking control – and are brands keeping up?

  • Article image How Indian comediennes are challenging gender bias

    Though the stand-up scene in India is relatively young, it has been just as male-dominated as in the Western world. But as more female comics take to the stage and gain popularity, they’re using their platform to challenge prevailing stereotypes that resign women to domestic roles.

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    Female Gen Xers were trailblazers in the workplace, but now face mid-career challenges that often go overlooked. Canvas8 spoke with Kath Sloggett, founder of career coaching organisation Runneth, to learn how businesses can better support them during pivotal moments in their working lives.

  • Emotional labor hinders women's work progression Emotional labor hinders women's work progression

    Emotional labor in the workplace is counterproductive, taxing, and detracts from the work that adds real value to businesses. Unfortunately, it also disproportionately affects women, who often end up assuming a caretaker role even at work, further hindering their ability to move up the ladder.