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  • Which newly-formed habits will linger post-pandemic?
  • Which newly-formed habits will linger post-pandemic?
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How will COVID-19 impact long-term behaviours?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused people around the world to suddenly and drastically alter their everyday habits, but what will the lasting impact be? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore the long-term implications of the crisis on how we spend, socialise, and stay healthy.

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“I don’t think there’s any other kind of society-wide crisis where the threat is everywhere that we’ve gone through in the historical record. It’s going to change people’s lives and change people’s ideas of what’s possible,” says Dr. Ryan Hagen, an organizational and comparative historical sociologist. The impact of COVID-19 on everyday behaviours is unlike anything since World War II as people rapidly adjust to a new reality. Sales of toilet paper are up, stock markets are in turmoil, mortgage holidays are replacing weekend getaways, and many precarious workers face job losses. But how long will our financially ...



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    What do Britons expect from healthcare providers?

    The health landscape in the UK is changing, with extended waiting times for GP appointments and strained counselling services leading many Britons to look beyond the NHS for efficient and convenient access to treatment. How exactly are patients pursuing optimal physical and mental wellbeing?

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    Are young people lacking in emotional resilience?

    The term ‘snowflake’ is often used to diminish young people’s ability to handle adversity, but are Gen Yers and Zers really less emotionally resilient than older cohorts? Canvas8 spoke to three experts to understand the importance of negative emotions in developing effective coping methods.

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    I’m scared! The science of fear

    What scares you? Horror movies? Conspiracy theories? A former reality star running America? Fear is a long-used marketing tool, and research suggests it can enhance the emotional connection people feel with brands. Canvas8 spoke to Lea Dunn of the Foster School of Business to find out how.

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    When did we all become 'preppers'?

    Pre-apocalyptic ‘prepping’ is an industry valued between $500 million and several billion in the US alone. At the peak of the Ebola outbreak, Amazon US sales of full-body protective suits shot up by 131,000%. Influencing the way we buy, the apps we download and even the holidays we take, is paranoia altering society for good?