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  • Do ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes encourage reckless spending?
  • Do ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes encourage reckless spending?
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How is ‘buy now, pay later’ impacting Gen Zers’ debt?

Gen Yers and Zers are turning to payment services like Klarna, Afterpay, and Laybuy to help their wallets keep up with their shopping habits. But due to a lack of education regarding financial responsibility, how are these ‘buy now, pay later’ services impacting their financial futures?

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In  February 2020, Lady Gaga didn’t celebrate Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or Palentine’s. Instead, she made a display of self-love, proposing to herself with a jewel-encrusted ‘Knight Finger’ ring – as part of a campaign by Swedish bank Klarna. [1] By associating itself with pop culture figures, challenger Klarna has been able to convince young shoppers that its service is anything but boring. In the UK alone, more than six million people have used Klarna to delay payment on clothing, beauty, and furniture purchases for up to 30 days, or split what they owe into instalments. [2] Each ...



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    For many, credit scores are hard to understand. To help ease confusion, Monzo is launching an in-app feature allowing users to check their credit scores in a simplified way. As people look to tech to boost their financial literacy, apps that offer streamlined help will no doubt be appreciated.

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    Today’s teens and young adults are set to become the world’s most influential consumers within a decade, but how has growing up in the aftermath of a financial crash affected the way Gen Zers spend and save their money? What can help these digital natives improve their financial know-how?

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    Two out of five internet users have bought a product online. But a lengthy payment process means we often abandon purchases at the checkout. What if you could buy using just an email address and postcode? By separating ‘buying’ from ‘paying’, Klarna promises stress-free online shopping.