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  • What do Americans want from their beauty purchases?
  • What do Americans want from their beauty purchases?
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What influences Americans’ beauty purchases?

Beauty products are full of cryptic labels – paraben-free, non-comedogenic – and conflicting information. How do people know what’s right for them and where do they look for guidance? Canvas8 polled 2,100 Americans and spoke to eight people to identify what shapes their path to purchase.

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In October 2019, beauty brand Sunday Riley caused a stir in the beauty community after it was revealed that the company ordered employees to write fake reviews of their products, and downvote negative ones. [1] At a time when e-commerce giants such as Glossier and Sephora have got more people buying beauty online than ever before, shoppers rely heavily on reviews and recommendations as a substitute for being able to test products out IRL. [2] The news that brands themselves might be behind the glowing reviews of a ‘cult’ product raised concerns regarding trust ...



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    Nailing the perfect beard is no mean feat. But online forum Beard Board is on hand to host constructive aesthetic feedback for beginners and the more experimental. With more men investing in grooming products and cultivating facial hair, peer-to-peer advice sites could be the key to fuzz finesse.

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    As Britons increasingly look to limit their consumption of single-use plastic, they’re turning to plastic-free ways to stock their bathroom shelves, which means the once-maligned bar soap is making an unlikely comeback. With eco values on the brain, what does today’s solid soap shopper want?

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    As people eschew harsh ingredients in their skincare routine and learn more about what’s best for their skin, they’re embracing a new title: the skintellectual. With Americans filling their medicine cabinets with science-backed lotions and potions, how is the face of skincare changing?

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    "The Fenty Effect" has put pressure on established beauty brands to better cater to minority consumers – but true inclusivity means going beyond shade ranges. Recognizing that different types of skin require different types of care, UOMA Beauty’s products address diverse needs.