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  • How are Chinese luxury brands redefining ‘Made in China’?
  • How are Chinese luxury brands redefining ‘Made in China’?
    Erdos (2020) ©

Erdos: redefining ‘Made in China’ for luxury shoppers

As affluent luxury consumers in China demand brands take steps to be accountable for their environmental impact, these companies are pivoting to flout their sustainable credentials. For legacy brand Erdos, this means diversifying the product offer and targeting new markets.

Location China

With Chinese consumers of luxury goods looking for more eco-friendly alternatives, brands are having to step up their sustainable credentials. For the cashmere industry, the opportunity is sizable, with the value of the global cashmere market projected to exceed $3.2 billion USD by 2024. [1] This is where Erdos Cashmere Group comes into play – an unassuming Chinese powerhouse aiming to reinvent what it means to truly be ‘Made in China’.





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