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  • What can brands do to make surfing safe for Gen Alphas?
  • What can brands do to make surfing safe for Gen Alphas?
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SuperAwesome: making the internet safe for kids

Brands and regulators are realising that kids are joining a web built for adults. From creating kid-appropriate games to nailing legally-compliant video content, SuperAwesome’s kid-orientated cyber safety champions changing data and advertising laws for children’s online activity.

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For a serial entrepreneur, declaring something as the ‘best thing’ they’ve ever done is no small claim. But Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, whose previous ventures include salon-booking software company Phorest and gaming company Demonware, is evidently proud of his kidtech company. Its mission? One of the biggest in the online world: making the internet safer for children. [1] With kids accounting for 40% of new internet users, the expectation for brands and sites to tailor their offering to protect young people is growing fast. [2]





  • TikTok eases parental anxiety with safety controls TikTok eases parental anxiety with safety controls

    At a time when most social platforms are plagued by criticism, TikTok is set on correcting these problems head-on. In an effort to ease parents’ worries, the Gen Zer-driven platform is adding a range of safety controls as well as releasing a series of videos from TikTok stars encouraging users to get offline.

  • Spotify Kids eases parents’ online safety worries Spotify Kids eases parents’ online safety worries

    Spotify has launched a tailored children’s app to provide a safe platform for kids to explore and listen to music. The app will allow people to become familiar with the brand at a young age while also satisfying parents’ concerns around the online safety of their children.

  • Article image #ad! The science of online influencers

    Celeb endorsements have lost some of their power in the social media era, but what makes bloggers, vloggers, and self-styled fashionistas so effective as spokespeople? Canvas8 talked to Alexander Schouten, assistant professor at Tilburg University, about how influencers convince people to buy.

  • Article image Who are Generation Alpha?

    They may only have been around since 2010, but members of Generation Alpha are already tech-savvy, socially conscious, and highly influential. What impact has having a Gen Yer for a parent had on these kids? How is technology shaping who they are? And what are they passionate about?