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  • How are children’s toys encouraging them to develop STEM skills?
  • How are children’s toys encouraging them to develop STEM skills?
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Coding Critters: screen-free coding for Gen Alphas

As they try to give their kids playtime that is both fun and productive, parents are looking for toys that educate their little ones as much as they entertain them. Coding Critters offers simple-to-use coding-based toys to teach kids about the basics of coding, without them even realizing it.

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How do you teach children to code, without using a screen? It may sound like an oxymoron, but leading educational toy brand Learning Resources may have cracked the formula. Coding Critters toy sets are cat-, dog-, rabbit-, or dinosaur-themed, and come with an interactive pet that can be programmed using an accompanying full-color storybook. With simple buttons made for tiny hands, children learn to code by following the story and building coding sequences to make the creatures move, dance, and play. They can also design their own coding challenges. But it’s not all brain work: ...



  • Article image How is AI upgrading playtime?

    While parents worry about the disadvantages of their kids getting too much screen time, researchers believe they should be taught what lies behind the black box of AI. Canvas8 spoke to expert Stefania Druga about her work, which involves demystifying machine learning for the next generation.

  • Article image Wonderscope: screen-positive storytelling

    Parents are increasingly concerned about the amount of time kids spend in front of screens and would prefer they play actively and off-screen. But many children love their devices and the games provided by new tech. Could AR be the silver bullet by offering screen-based, immersive, active play?

  • AI Toy encourages children to be in the moment AI Toy encourages children to be in the moment

    New Deal Design has created Spot, an AI equipped toy which looks to fight back against the 'distraction economy' caused by excessive digital use. The toy comes at a time when kids are being encouraged to limit their screen time and embrace the great outdoors.

  • Article image Echo Dot Kids Edition: safe learning with Amazon’s AI

    Smart speakers are fast-becoming a part of everyday life, but while adults may appreciate the convenience they offer, there are concerns about how kids use these AI assistants. Aiming to ease such worries, Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition is a child-friendly version of its Alexa-powered device.