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  • How is WOW Colour changing the face of beauty?
  • How is WOW Colour changing the face of beauty?
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WOW Colour: beauty emporium for Chinese Gen Z

With beauty fans adding more colour to their make-up routines, the shopping experience is paramount and this is evident among Chinese Gen Zers. IRL retail brand WOW Colour is tapping their dedication to domestically-made brands and willingness to make beauty shopping shareable.

Location China

How does an IRL retail store get 15,000 shoppers through the doors and turn over 200,000 yuan (£21,900) on its first day of opening? [1] WOW Colour has dazzled Chinese shoppers with a relatively simple formula, finding its niche in a national industry that was worth more than 262 billion yuan (£28.7 billion) in 2018. [2] Leveraging innovative space design and creative displays with trendy and more niche national brands, it nails a unique offline shopping experience. It lets people experiment with makeup and feel part of an offline community that uses ...



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    How is a lack of time impacting make-up routines? Will progressive masculinity rewrite the industry? And how is clean beauty getting a colorful makeover? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are rejecting old rules and forging new beauty narratives.

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    While many brands still position themselves to dictate of-the-moment make-up looks, Depixym’s Cosmetic Emulsions are championing individuality and self-expression by rethinking the multi-use product, encouraging beauty junkies to think outside the box and paint their faces however they wish.

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    Lush has installed Yo! Sushi-style conveyor belts carrying bath bombs in some stores, letting customers choose from a rotating display of items. It’s hoping that allowing people to spontaneously ‘discover’ products will build an emotional connection to the brand sparked by surprise and delight.

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    For all the benefits of e-commerce, retailers recognise that people still value brick-and-mortar, leading some to craft unique in-store experiences. Canvas8 spoke to Steffen Jahn, assistant professor at the University of Goettingen, to learn how experiential retail impacts brand perceptions.