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  • Chefclub want to encourage an interest in cooking from a young age
  • Chefclub want to encourage an interest in cooking from a young age
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Chefclub Kids: the cooking tutorials uniting families

French content platform Chefclub is known for quick, easy, often cheese-based recipe videos. As well as pleasing eatertainment fans, its Chefclub Kids channel inspires parents and children to bond over digital and physical tasks, equipping the next generation with confidence in the kitchen.

Location United States

What can a group of amateur cooks teach the world about making food? In short: quite a lot. Brothers Thomas, Axel, and Jonathan Lang founded Chefclub in Paris in 2016, when the appetite for quick recipe videos was taking off on social media. [1] Four years later and the brand has 75 million followers across multiple social media platforms, generating a billion video views per month and reaching 200 million people. [2] Sitting within the eatertainment sphere, Chefclub’s step-by-step video clips last between 90 and 120 seconds and cover how-tos for snacks, ...



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