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  • How does our online world shape our offline self?
  • How does our online world shape our offline self?
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Why do our digital worlds give us mixed feelings?

Social media has the ability to send its users into a spiral of self-pity one day and transform their lives through the power of community the next. Canvas8 spoke to Sarah Raphael, co-author of Mixed Feelings, about our love-hate relationship with social media and what this means for brands.

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When Facebook first launched in 2004,it was designed as a way for university students to stay in touch and share photos with their online friends. A decade and a half later, the 2020 version of social media and its various platforms is radically different from social’s early days. Gamers can show off their virtual dance moves on TikTok, fans can add their favourite celebrities as ‘friends’ on Snapchat, everyday people can lead political movements on Twitter, and professionals can train for a new job on LinkedIn.

But our relationship ...



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