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  • What’s making Americans tune in to online streaming?
  • What’s making Americans tune in to online streaming?
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Why do Americans stream shows and movies online?

Netflix and chill may constitute the modern date night, but what do Americans really think about streaming services? As online content and streaming platforms become the norm, Canvas8 polled 2,182 Americans and spoke to eight people to discover what they do and don’t like about streaming services.

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Netflix made history in 2020 with 24 Oscar nominations, the first time a streaming service has earned more Academy Award nominations than any studio. [1] Even though Netflix only ended up winning two Oscars, the accolades illustrate the changing output of streaming services and the role they play in popular culture – these platforms has become behemoth creators with sizeable creative clout. In fact, the most-streamed show of 2019 was Netflix’s Lucifer, followed by Stranger Things and the controversial 13 Reasons Why[2]





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    From perfumes to furniture, there’s a subscription platform for everything – but why do some people keep paying for services they never use? Canvas8 spoke to Jennifer Savary, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Arizona, to find out why cancelling a subscription is so hard.

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    While Netflix has long reigned supreme among OTT television providers, Disney+ is entering the ‘streaming wars’ with a vast catalog of content. As viewing habits change and choice fatigue persists, can Disney tap a captive audience? And will it be able to usurp Netflix’s top spot?

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    Will Disney+ steal Netflix’s throne? How do water-cooler moments impact platform choices? Are podcasts a threat to radio? And will shorter content reshape streaming habits? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to four experts about how people are being informed and entertained.

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    On the train, in the bath, even on the loo – streaming services let people consume TV whenever, wherever. But are we engaged as we race through a series in two or three sittings? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Sarah E. Erickson to understand how binge-watching is changing our relationship with media.