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  • How is conventional healthcare evolving to meet new demands?
  • How is conventional healthcare evolving to meet new demands?
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What do Britons expect from healthcare providers?

The health landscape in the UK is changing, with extended waiting times for GP appointments and strained counselling services leading many Britons to look beyond the NHS for efficient and convenient access to treatment. How exactly are patients pursuing optimal physical and mental wellbeing?

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The narrative of an imperilled NHS is regularly brought up in the national media as rising patient numbers and crumbling infrastructure take their toll on the service. In 2018, the average number of patients registered per GP rose by 2,087, with a decline in available doctors – the NHS lost over 1,000 GPs between 2015 and 2018 – increasing demand and causing the average wait for an appointment to hit 14.8 days in 2019. [1][2][3]

As such, both patients and healthcare providers are turning to tech for solutions. At an individual ...



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    How can men be encouraged to chat about health?

    From their outward appearance to inner bodily functions, many men struggle to talk to others about how they’re doing. Canvas8 spoke to three experts about how charities and brands can promote open conversations among men about physical and mental health, thereby improving their wellbeing.

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    Fika: changing the discourse on student mental health

    There are countless ways in which to keep yourself physically fit – from a morning jog to bouldering to a regular kick-about – but how can you maintain mental wellbeing? Targeting students as they adjust to adulthood, the Fika app offers easy-to-follow routines to encourage emotional exercise.

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    Babylon: on-demand care for impatient patients

    Dissatisfied by long waiting times for doctor’s appointments, a growing number of Britons are turning to health tech to manage their medical concerns. Babylon has established itself as a game-changer in this space, partnering with the NHS to create ‘virtual clinics’ that could streamline care.

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    How social prescribing can help people stay healthy

    Social prescribing – wherein patients are told to try creative workshops, regular exercise, and volunteering to improve their wellbeing – has been around for years, but it’s gaining the attention of policy-makers. How can it proactively tackle physical and mental health problems?