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  • How do our subscription choices affect our self-perception?
  • How do our subscription choices affect our self-perception?
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Identity crisis! The science of subscription choice

From perfumes to furniture, there’s a subscription platform for everything – but why do some people keep paying for services they never use? Canvas8 spoke to Jennifer Savary, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Arizona, to find out why cancelling a subscription is so hard.

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Ahead of its debut in April 2020, mobile streaming platform Quibi aired its first commercial during Super Bowl LIV. The 30-second spot featured a bank heist in which three robbers are left stranded by a fellow felon who explains he’ll be there “in a Quibi.” While the spot left many viewers asking ‘what is Quibi?’, the attempt to inject the brand name into the American lexicon caused a stir. It represented a brave attempt to stand out in the highly competitive streaming subscription space, taking on the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.




  • Article image Stay with me! The science of brand commitment

    Membership schemes and referral bonuses are just a few of the ways brands try to boost shopper loyalty but are they enough to forge long-term commitments? Canvas8 spoke to Debra Grace, a marketing professor at Griffith University, about how to measure people’s relationships with brands.

  • Article image What makes people loyal to digital services?

    With a plethora of digital services available to enjoy, people are spoilt for choice. Given this, how can digital platforms harness behavioural science to better promote loyalty? Canvas8 spoke to Milena Bursztyn, MBA candidate at the Chicago Booth School of Business, to find out. 

  • Article image Feather: subscription furniture for Gen Rent

    Young Americans are moving home now more than ever. And while they have a growing interest in decor, house-hopping is leading many to buy cheap, disposable furniture. Affordable and sustainable furniture-subscription company Feather is providing renters with value and Insta-credentials.

  • Article image Scentbird: a subscription box for fine fragrances

    Subscription boxes have transformed the way many Americans stock up on everyday essentials, – from make-up to toilet paper to snack packs. Scentbird is adapting the model for the modern fragrance buyer, giving them access to hundreds of designer scents for a relatively low monthly cost.