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  • What do casual fans and ‘stans’ have in common?
  • What do casual fans and ‘stans’ have in common?
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What does it mean to be a fan in the digital era?

With digital channels offering them increased access to their heroes, casual supporters and ‘stans’ alike are embracing novel ways of showing their devotion to celebs and sports teams. How are these passionate individuals forging new cultural tribes and changing expectations of fan interactions?

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French soccer legend Eric Cantona once remarked: “You can change your wife, change your politics, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favourite football team.” [1] This monotheistic version of fandom – wherein you inherited your team from family members and followed them, and them alone – is losing relevance for a generation reared on video games, fantasy football, multi-platform streaming, and social media. According to a Facebook study published in 2019, web users around the world watch an average of 4.1 sports, while a 2018 report from COPA90 revealed that 46% of British ...



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    Traditionally relegated to the role of casual or soft, female fans have long been marginalised. As interest in women's sports grows, will the industry start catering to them? Canvas8 spoke to sports expert Dr. Stacey Pope to find out why female fandom represents such an exciting opportunity for brands.

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    K-pop has firmly established itself in mainstream culture as hyper-managed boy bands and girl groups have broken through language barriers to become global idols. What does the international popularity of Blackpink reveal of modern fandom? And how exactly are stans reshaping pop music?

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    In an era of super-fandom, the question is not whether to stan or not to stan, but whom to stan, and for how long. The intensity of fan devotion in the digital age is creating new opportunities for brands to activate hyper engaged communities – just don’t get on their bad side.

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    The weekly pilgrimage to a stadium may have defined football fandom in the past, but people nowadays have a breadth of ways to engage in the beautiful game. From ‘dark social’ discussions to artsy magazines, passionate support goes far beyond simply spectating.