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  • Why are Xers struggling with long-term money management?
  • Why are Xers struggling with long-term money management?
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What do Gen Xers want from financial services?

They may be in their prime earning years, but Gen Xers are feeling financial pressure as they juggle the costs of caring for older and younger family members with an urgent need to save for retirement. So, what’s the best way to help them navigate their complex budgets and future monetary needs?

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“Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving.” So said the ‘sage of Omaha’, Warren Buffett, providing sound advice for those looking to secure their financial future. [1] Yet while Britons aged 43-54 accounted for 43% of total personal pension contributions in 2016/17 – more than any other age group – they’re still not saving enough for retirement. Gen Xers should have had an average private pension pot of £187,400 by 2019 to retire in comfort, according to Salisbury House Wealth, but ONS findings from the previous year revealed that ...



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    How can brands connect with Gen Xers?

    When they were younger, they were known for just being a bunch of slackers. But things have changed: in 2020, Gen Xers are the ones with the money and the power – so why are brands ignoring them? And what can they do to connect with and cater to this small but financially mighty generation?

  • Confused Britons need help understanding pensions

    Confused Britons need help understanding pensions

    A study has found that working Britons are confused about what’s in their pension pots and pessimistic about retirement. People often put off the stressful and complex task of retirement planning, opening up opportunities for financial brands to simplify and demistify the process. 

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    How are Gen Xers going on holiday?

    Called the unsung and forgotten generation, Gen Xers may be squeezed by dominant Boomers and attention-seeking Gen Yers, but their vacationing habits are demanding attention. With plenty of spending power and an urge for adventure, how are brands catering to this holiday-hungry generation?

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    Starling Bank: disruptive banking for Gen Y

    Starling Bank is a challenger that looks more like a Silicon Valley start-up than a traditional bank. Offering accounts that can be opened on a mobile in minutes and a focus on taking ownership of your finances, Starling could be the financial institution to earn the trust of Gen Y.