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  • Can the sharing economy make luxury more accessible and sustainable?
  • Can the sharing economy make luxury more accessible and sustainable?
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What attracts Britons to luxury rental services?

Whether due to the expense or eco concerns, there are many reasons not to splash out on high-end goods, especially if they’ll only be used once – but could the sharing economy offer a solution? Canvas8 polled 3,100 Britons and spoke to eight people about their views on luxury rental services.

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Luxury brands are slowly but surely recognising that the old ways of appealing to shoppers are losing their effectiveness. What was once an exclusive industry targeted at well-off older generations is responding to the increasing purchasing power of Gen Yers and Zers. From UGG’s partnership with virtual influencer Miquela Sousa to 11 Honoré’s size-inclusive range, brands are making efforts to be more accessible to the next generation of luxe buyers. The expectations of this cohort have also fuelled the rise of luxury rental platforms, which allow people to acquire items on ...



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    Can second-hand fashion still feel luxurious?

    Second-hand fashion has dusted off any remaining mothballs, with online platforms, charity shops, and auction houses catering to frugal fashionistas. While the industry is often called out for fast-fashion waste, how can brands encourage timelessness? And can thrifted threads be luxury items?

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    ThredUP: shaking up second-hand shopping

    Where once thrifting carried a social stigma, people are now embracing the joy of buying used clothes, and second-hand shopping is becoming big business. With its offering of high-quality goods and well-known brands, how is ThredUP changing our shopping habits – and the wider retail industry?

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    Higher Studio: sustainable fashion for rent

    Fast fashion may satisfy a desire for frequent new lines, but the ethical cost is too steep for some. Offering a more sustainable alternative, Higher Studio allows fashionistas to rent out brand new high fashion items, helping them meet style expectations while staying true to their values.

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    Designer-24: a rental service for runway fashion

    While 78% of affluent shoppers in the Middle East like to keep up with the latest trends, that’s not always an option when it comes to couture. Designer-24 is giving people a more affordable option by letting them hire high-end fashion, aiming to change consumption habits in the process.