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  • How is Magic Spoon making breakfast time fun again?
  • How is Magic Spoon making breakfast time fun again?
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Magic Spoon: spoonfuls of healthy nostalgia

Harkening back to the look and taste of childhood favorites, Magic Spoon’s cereals are striking a balance between Americans’ desire for good-for-you grub and healthy food that doesn’t taste like it is. As smart eating choices take center stage, Magic Spoon is moving to make breakfast cool again.

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Despite the common wisdom that it’s the most important meal of the day, breakfast is becoming less and less of a priority for Americans. [1] While cereal would appear to be the natural solution to a time-poor morning, research shows that people are increasingly turning away from cereal for breakfast. In fact, 40% of Americans wish that cereal was more portable, and shoppers are more likely to view cereals as the less healthy option – full of sugar and lacking in nutrients. [2] As a result, sales of cold cereal are falling, down 6% between 2012 and ...



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