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  • What do Americans consider the biggest dealbreakers?
  • What do Americans consider the biggest dealbreakers?
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What causes Americans to break up with brands?

People are becoming increasingly aware of what brands are doing behind the scenes. But what would cause shoppers to stop supporting them? Canvas8 surveyed 4,982 Americans and spoke to eight people to find out what they would do if a brand did something that didn't align with their values.

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From Soulcycle and Equinox’s affiliation with the Republican party to Peloton’s controversial campaign, the fitness industry in the US has come under fire as brand activities have sparked backlash from their supporters. [1][2] For Soulcycle and Equinox, this meant a drop in attendance rates over the ensuing months. For Peloton, it resulted in online backlash and spawned the growth of widespread parody campaigns. And as people pay more attention to what brands are doing, a rise in consumer activism means brands are feeling the heat like never before.

At the start of 2019, online ...



  • Article image Expert Outlook 2020: Hear Me!

    How are climate concerns impacting everyday decisions? Why is honest discussion essential to breaking down old stigmas? And what actions are people taking to live up to their values? The 2020 Expert Outlook features 42 members of the Canvas8 Network on what to expect in the year ahead.

  • Article image Is this genuine? The science of rating brand authenticity

    Authenticity has long been a buzzword in marketing, but with 51% of people saying that less than half of brands create ‘authentic’ content, there’s a significant disconnect with audiences. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. James Oakley to find out what factors affect whether something is seen as genuine.

  • Article image How can people mitigate their unconscious biases?

    Unconscious biases are deeply pervasive and can negatively affect everything from healthcare outcomes to hiring practices. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Stefanie Johnson, an associate professor at the University of Colorado and a Nudgestock speaker, to find out how we can begin to mitigate them.

  • Article image How call-out culture can make brands more authentic

    With social media giving everyone a voice and helping to raise awareness of corporate missteps, people are more critical of brands than ever. But ‘call-out culture’ doesn’t have to be a source of concern – it can be an opportunity to create authentic identities both reactively and proactively.