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  • How might remote vet appointments improve pet care?
  • How might remote vet appointments improve pet care?
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FirstVet: transforming pet care through telehealth

Going to the vet can be a difficult experience – pets may get spooked at the clinic by strange smells, sounds, and other animals, while many owners struggle to find the necessary time and funds to visit. FirstVet addresses these pain points by setting up virtual appointments through video calls.

Location United Kingdom

Around half of UK adults own a pet and they aren't shy when it comes to splashing out on their furry friends, with research from 2017 suggesting that £11.6 billion is spent on cats and dogs each year. [1][2] However, while it’s one thing getting a new collar or toy, it’s another having to cough up for vet bills. Given that a general practice consultation typically costs around £60 (with visits to specialists often being more expensive), pet owners may be wary of taking their pet in for what could be a minor issue. [



  • FirstVet offers on-demand pet care via video chat FirstVet offers on-demand pet care via video chat

    On-demand veterinary service FirstVet is offering online video consultations for pet parents. While people are becoming used to the immediacy of healthcare services offered to humans, they’re seeking out the same convenience for the animals who are becoming a more central part of their lives. 

  • Health benefits of dog owning boosts pet products Health benefits of dog owning boosts pet products

    Pet parents love their pooches, and global research suggests that having a dog in their lives can actually improve their overall health. As people become more emotionally invested in their pets, they're likely to spend even more on ways to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Article image What does the family unit mean to Gen Yers?

    Financial difficulties have led many Gen Yers to forgo home-ownership, marriage, and kids for the time being – but that doesn’t mean they’re without a rich family life. Instead of following traditional life paths, they’re embracing plants, pets, and friends to feel a sense of domestic fulfillment.

  • Article image The Dog Agency: fostering fame for furry influencers

    As the dogs and cats of Instagram gain sizeable followings, brands are clamoring to tap these furry influencers’ audiences. Recognizing that most pet owners are unsure about contracts and legal requirements, The Dog Agency is helping to manage the fine print.