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  • How are people using online knowledge to boost their IRL life?
  • How are people using online knowledge to boost their IRL life?
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Dazed Spa: digital wellbeing for wellness lovers

Interactive classes, think pieces, quizzes, and meditative podcasts – all under the umbrella of Dazed Beauty. An online haven created for wellness junkies, the Dazed Digital Spa is offering users curated content and an accessible, virtual space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Location United Kingdom

The notion of a spa day has long been held as a relaxing getaway, but Dazed Spa, the wellness offer from Dazed Beauty, is turning that concept on its head. Bringing the notion of a spa into the reader’s home, Dazed’s version is a far cry from a scented candle in your bathroom. Instead, the Dazed Digital Spa offers one week’s worth of lessons and guidance on health and wellness, including yoga, meditation, colour therapy, and sexual wellness sessions – and a few bespoke ASMR sessions to boot. [1][2]



  • Remedy Place is a social club for busy wellness-seekers Remedy Place is a social club for busy wellness-seekers

    A club called Remedy Place has opened up in California, giving people a space where they can receive health treatments alongside wellness ones. It’s catering to demands for more integrated and holistic wellness options and, by putting it in a club setting, meeting demands for social interaction.

  • Article image Hers: digital prescriptions for women’s wellness

    Poor access to healthcare is common across the US, leading a growing number of people to try out telemedicine and embrace the wellness movement. Hailed as the ‘Glossier of femtech’, Hers is going direct to consumers with Insta-friendly prescription solutions to hair, skin, and sexual problems.

  • Article image Hims: bringing self-care to a male market

    While people may associate erectile dysfunction and baldness treatments with older men, Hims is targeting a younger market. By using a tone of voice that’s more approachable than a regular pharma firm, it’s helping to guide them around the pain points that impact personal health and self-care.

  • Article image Glossier: a cult beauty brand led by the crowd

    New beauty start-ups are regularly springing up on Instagram, but few have managed to make as powerful an impact as New York-based Glossier. How has this blog-turned-brand cultivated a fiercely loyal following? And what can its approach to product creation teach the wider industry?