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  • What are brands doing to tackle Australia’s social and eco issues?
  • What are brands doing to tackle Australia’s social and eco issues?
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How are Aussies becoming more ethical consumers?

As societal and environmental ills mount, Aussies are demanding that brands and the government take more responsibility for the impact their decisions have on everyday life. What issues are most pressing for people Down Under and how are their ethical expectations being met?

Location Australia

In theory, Australia should be one of the most eco-friendly societies in the world. From the Great Barrier Reef to scores of indigenous animal species that don’t exist elsewhere, the country has a lot to protect – and the people know it. According to a 2018 WWF report, 63% of Aussies consider themselves to be an ‘environmentalist at heart’ and 81% agree with the statement ‘if we don’t act now, we will never control our environmental problems’. [1] What’s more, 64% of people regard climate change as the number one threat to the nation and 78% support ...



  • Article image Allbirds: stylish, comfy trainers with ethical cred

    As ecological crises become impossible to ignore, conscientious shoppers are seeking ways to limit their impact on the planet. Sneaker brand Allbirds is meeting demands for eco-friendly fashion by using sustainable components – but that’s not the sole reason it's developed a cult following.

  • Article image Bkr: reusable bottles for the beauty-conscious

    As more people learn how plastic plagues the planet, the tide is turning against disposable water bottles, driving demand for stylish, reusable options from brands like Bkr. Why would people pay a premium for sustainable receptacles, and is there a danger in making functional goods fashionable?

  • Article image #stopsucking: tackling waste one straw at a time

    Plastic straws have been demonised since images of marine life being damaged by them hijacked the public consciousness and spawned a flurry of Insta-activism. #Stopsucking is an example of how these  eco-protests evolve, why they matter and how they inspire actual change.

  • Article image How can brands help shoppers go plastic free?

    As more plastic, paper and cardboard ends up in our rivers, oceans and landfill, people are looking at ways that they can cut back on packaging. How can shoppers achieve this and what is the grocery industry doing about it?