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  • How is the Find My app giving users peace of mind?
  • How is the Find My app giving users peace of mind?
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Find My: trading location data for safety

Once an app to help people find their lost iPhone, Apple’s Find My has developed into a way for people to communicate by sharing their geo-locations with friends and family. To be convinced to give up their privacy, people are expecting brands to offer a greater sense of connectivity and safety.

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Whether it’s finding the squad at a festival, checking if the friend who isn’t returning texts got home safely or ensuring your typically tardy sibling is actually five minutes away, Find My Friends proved to be a very useful app. The app was announced at Apple’s annual hardware event in 2011 and although the technology wasn’t particularly groundbreaking – Google’s Latitude, Glympse, and Life360 served similar purposes – it has grown into a friendship mainstay in the decade since its launch. [1] While some groups might temporarily share their location for a one-off event such as a ...



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