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  • Is self-service satisfying customers in stores?
  • Is self-service satisfying customers in stores?
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2020 Expert Outlook on Shopping

Why is the human touch still needed in stores? How are brick-and-mortar outlets championing sustainability? And what role will voice tech play in browsing and buying? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the factors affecting how we shop online and IRL.

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Optimised e-commerce platforms with exhaustive inventories have made shopping around the clock the norm for many people and, in 2020, online purchasing is set to become even more embedded in day-to-day routines through smart speakers and social media feeds. Yet while digital marketplaces trump brick-and-mortar stores on convenience, IRL retailers will be leaning into a factor that e-commerce can’t compete on – the human touch. Despite being constantly connected via digital devices, many people are feeling disconnected from others, while an abundance of products online has led to choice fatigue – issues that ...



  • Article image Walmart Voice Order: making ordering groceries seamless

    Forget writing a list, running a quick errand, or even opening an app – where once online grocery shopping was the peak of convenience, Walmart’s voice-assisted collab with Apple and Google is upping the ante. As seamless shopping becomes the norm, the retailer is pivoting to meet shifting demand.

  • Article image How are brands helping people shop sustainably?

    Retailers’ sustainability initiatives show that shoppers don’t just want cheap, fast fashion – ethical and eco-savvy values are important too. But are visibly mended sweaters and ‘sneaker cleaning’ services just an updated version of the ‘It bag’, or are people ready to adopt low-impact lifestyles?

  • Article image Treat yourself! The science of retail therapy

    Money can’t buy you happiness, but splashing out on a treat can sometimes be a perfect emotional pick-me-up. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Satoko Suzuki, an associate professor at Hitotsubashi University, to discover how indulgent consumption can bring people joy and impact their overall wellbeing.

  • Article image How are young luxury shoppers buying online?

    Accustomed to rapid service and easily accessible products, Gen Yers and Zers are causing the luxury industry to bend to their e-commerce expectations. What do they want out of a high-end shopping experience? And how are haute couture brands grabbing the attention of these digital natives?