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  • Can Disney+ be the service that knocks Netflix off its throne?
  • Can Disney+ be the service that knocks Netflix off its throne?
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Disney+: stealing the crown in the streaming wars

While Netflix has long reigned supreme among OTT television providers, Disney+ is entering the ‘streaming wars’ with a vast catalog of content. As viewing habits change and choice fatigue persists, can Disney tap a captive audience? And will it be able to usurp Netflix’s top spot?

Location United States

Disney+, the streaming service from the world’s largest entertainment company, launched in the US in November 2019, joining the ‘streaming wars’ alongside several other production houses in a bid to compete with Netflix. [1] In 2019, Netflix is undoubtedly the leader, with 60 million subscribers across the United States, but its library has thus far been bolstered by licensed TV shows and films, a well which looks set to run dry. [2][3] But is Disney+ about to steal the crown from Netflix as the reigning streaming service?





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