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  • Meow Wolf offers immersive, escapist art experiences
  • Meow Wolf offers immersive, escapist art experiences
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Meow Wolf: leading the transformation economy

With the popularity of the experience economy showing no signs of slowing down, people are looking for wilder and more transformative immersive events. Step forward Meow Wolf, Santa Fe’s outsider art collective, which is now being touted as the Disney World of the experience economy.

Location United States

Though the collective’s name was literally picked from a hat, the business model of Meow Wolf has left much less to chance. Started in 2008 as an art collective composed of ‘art punks’ who didn’t quite fit the mold of the Santa Fe, New Mexico art scene (the third-largest art market in the United States – with more than 250 art galleries and dealers), the collective has worked to create a space for people just like them. [1]





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