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  • How are Americans shaking up their at-home cocktails?
  • How are Americans shaking up their at-home cocktails?
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Bartesian: at-home mixology for cocktail connoisseurs

As drinking at home grows in popularity, people are looking for premium ways to consume bevvies and booze. Bartesian’s home cocktail capsules are looking to mix up the cocktail industry with easy-to-make luxury beverages, catering to increasing demand for low-key socializing at home.

Location United States

Anyone who’s ever tried to make cocktails at home understands the struggle. Buying liquor you might use once, endless cartons of juice, hard-to-find syrups and garnishes, a specialist kit, and – at the end of it all – the right glasses to serve your creation in. For Ryan Close, CEO and co-founder of Bartesian, which is an intelligent drink system, these frustrations were the starting point for his solution. “It can get complex,” says Close, who was a bartender through college but admits he was never very good at it. “We’re talking about cocktails with several ingredients. We ...



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