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  • How is Depixym setting the tone for self-expression?
  • How is Depixym setting the tone for self-expression?
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Depixym: cosmetics for creative face-painters

While many brands still position themselves to dictate of-the-moment make-up looks, Depixym’s Cosmetic Emulsions are championing individuality and self-expression by rethinking the multi-use product, encouraging beauty junkies to think outside the box and paint their faces however they wish.

Location Northern Europe / North America

“‘Beauty Sheep Syndrome’, which has afflicted Instagram for years, is making a rush for the exit door,” says Fiona Klonarides, journalist and founder of the Beauty Shortlist Awards. “It's about our individuality now – make-up is the new facial fingerprint.” [1] Indeed, in 2019, 80% of Gen Zers say that ‘being yourself’ is the phrase that best fits their personal definition of beauty. [2] As people ditch trends in favour of self expression, UK-born Depixym is rethinking the role of brands in the lives of beauty junkies and putting the power back into their hands. ...



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