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  • How do shoppers show their loyalty to brands?
  • How do shoppers show their loyalty to brands?
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Stay with me! The science of brand commitment

Membership schemes and referral bonuses are just a few of the ways brands try to boost shopper loyalty but are they enough to forge long-term commitments? Canvas8 spoke to Debra Grace, a marketing professor at Griffith University, about how to measure people’s relationships with brands.

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Launched in November 2019, Tesco’s Clubcard Plus is the first subscription-based loyalty programme from a British supermarket. The scheme costs £7.99 a month and allows members to earn points on purchases that can be redeemed for money-off vouchers, as well as 10% off two shopping trips a month. With the retailer saying it could save shoppers up to £40 a month, the move aims to build loyalty among bargain-hunting consumers at a time when discount supermarkets are capturing record levels of market share from the ‘Big Four’.

With research showing that 64% ...



  • Article image What do young people want from memberships?

    Membership schemes promise a wide range of benefits to those who sign up – from discounts at supermarket tills to a free upgrade on a flight – but what motivates young Britons to join a club or loyalty programme? Do they simply care about freebies are they after something more meaningful?

  • Article image Say sorry! The science of brand forgiveness

    We all have our favourite brand, the one we support unswervingly or whose products we buy no matter the price. So what do you do when they slip up – whether it’s a campaign or a corporate move that goes against what you believe? What will it take for you to forgive them? 

  • Article image How call-out culture can make brands more authentic

    With social media giving everyone a voice and helping to raise awareness of corporate missteps, people are more critical of brands than ever. But ‘call-out culture’ doesn’t have to be a source of concern – it can be an opportunity to create authentic identities both reactively and proactively.

  • Article image Celine: an upmarket uprising against brand loyalty

    Hedi Slimane’s debut as the creative director of Celine was the most buzzed-about show at Paris Fashion Week SS19. Notably, it was seen as a tone-deaf affront to his predecessor Phoebe Philo’s female-centric following. What does this reveal about brand loyalty in modern luxury fashion?