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  • How do Gen Zers make holiday decisions?
  • How do Gen Zers make holiday decisions?
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What’s the future of Gen Z travel?

Savvy when it comes to social media and sustainability, Gen Zers thrive on worldly experiences. Their work lives are a means to save for travel and they’re more spontaneous than previous generations. How can brands tap this adventure-hungry mindset as they grow up globetrotting?

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With increased social media access to destinations and ease when it comes to booking the dream trip, the travel industry has changed irrevocably in the last twenty (or even ten) years. In fact, it’s reported to have contributed $8.8 trillion to the global economy in 2018. [1] Admittedly, this is down to cross-generational enthusiasm for travel, but Gen Zers are chucking out the rulebook when it comes to adventuring. Some 65% of this cohort see travel as the most important thing they can spend their money on, eclipsing investment in higher education or professional training, saving ...



  • Article image How are Gen Zers managing their money?

    Today’s teens and young adults are set to become the world’s most influential consumers within a decade, but how has growing up in the aftermath of a financial crash affected the way Gen Zers spend and save their money? What can help these digital natives improve their financial know-how?

  • Article image What do Gen Zers want from the small screen?

    Gen Z are consuming more media than any other generation, but the where, how, and why of what they’re watching have all changed. With online streaming platforms, bite-sized content, and programmes designed specifically for smartphones, how is the TV market pivoting to cater to Gen Z tastes?

  • Article image What do Gen Zers think is cool?

    Gen Zers are a tricky yet intriguing generation to grasp – they’re offline-shopping, eco-conscious, genre-defying, values-defending mavericks. As they grow into adolescence and adulthood, what do Gen Zers actually think is cool and how can brands appeal to this cohort’s unique mindset?

  • Article image BeRightBack: a lucky dip for Gen Y jet-setters

    Young people want to explore photogenic holiday destinations they can happily show off on their social media feed – but they don’t always have time to plan these trips. How is random holiday generator BeRightBack appealing to time-poor Gen Y travellers with money to spend?