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  • Experts are losing the public’s trust and brands are facing scepticism
  • Experts are losing the public’s trust and brands are facing scepticism
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How did the cult of the amateur kill off experts?

Where once experts were regarded as symbols of authority and respect, today they are overshadowed by influencers, personal opinions, and instant gratification. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Tom Nichols, to find out the reasons and impacts behind the era of self-proclaimed experts.

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In 2019, ‘deepfake’ made it into the Collins Dictionaries’ list of most notable words, just two years after ‘fake news’ was chosen as their top term. [1] [2] In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries announced ‘post-truth’ as its international word of the year, following a 2,000% increase in its use. [3] No matter their level of knowledge about media and politics, people all across society are becoming more critical of the information they receive from figures of authority who have specialist skills, advanced knowledge or mastery of a particular subject – also known as experts.

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  • BBC serves up trusted news to censored readers

    BBC serves up trusted news to censored readers

    The BBC has launched a Tor-based version of its website to let people read news stories in countries with state-censored media. With people looking for trusted information sources, media companies can empower communities by offering access to voices of authority and expertise. 

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    #ad! The science of online influencers

    Celeb endorsements have lost some of their power in the social media era, but what makes bloggers, vloggers, and self-styled fashionistas so effective as spokespeople? Canvas8 talked to Alexander Schouten, assistant professor at Tilburg University, about how influencers convince people to buy.

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    What does it mean to be a modern connoisseur?

    The internet has created a new kind of expert, one who draws knowledge from search engines and social media rather than years of investigation and practice. Yet the opinions of the modern connoisseur are not to be taken lightly. How are they signalling their status and influencing everyday habits?

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    How are the ‘worried well’ transforming healthcare?

    While Americans used to look to doctors and nurses for the final word on medical matters, that’s not always the case nowadays. Influenced by social media gurus and aided by digital tracking tools, the ‘worried well’ are taking a proactive approach to health that minimizes input from professionals.