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  • Where do Americans stand on online return policies?
  • Where do Americans stand on online return policies?
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Why do Americans return clothes bought online?

With so much to do and so little time, many Americans are turning to online shopping to buy their clothes – though garments are not always as expected in terms of fit or quality. Canvas8 spoke to nine Americans to understand what makes them more or less likely to return items bought online.

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As online shopping becomes quicker and easier, with online ordering often available in a single click from apps such as Instagram and Amazon, more and more people are buying clothes via the internet. [1][2] In 2018, 1.8 billion people bought items online – yet most American shoppers report reticence to return online purchases, with 91% sending things back ‘only rarely’ or ‘never’. [3][4] While returns are costly for companies, they often opt to swallow the associated sunk costs to boost customer loyalty. “Our best customers have the highest return rates, but they are ...



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    What makes online shoppers become ‘serial returners’?

    While most people consider the ability to return any purchase a consumer right, the rise of ‘serial returning’ is becoming a problem for many retailers. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Jason Sit, a marketing lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, to understand the drivers behind this phenomenon.

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    How much sway do online influencers really hold?

    A growing awareness of fake news and the proliferation of sponsored posts on social media has seen the trustworthiness and authenticity of online influencers come into question. How are established experts, nano-influencers, and CGI characters rebuilding confidence and digital relevance?

  • MyVerte's Uber-style ratings fight serial returners

    MyVerte's Uber-style ratings fight serial returners

    Online marketplace MyVerte has launched to allow e-commerce brands to rate shoppers on a scale of one to five, based on their return behavior. As this group of shoppers put retailers under increasing pressure, tools like MyVerte make it possible to punish and even ban serial returners.

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    Happy Returns: return online purchases in person

    Perks like free and next-day delivery have become the norm in online shopping, but returns are lagging behind. Aiming to make the process faster, easier and smoother is Happy Returns, which lets shoppers take unwanted items to Return Bars located in malls and stores to get an instant refund.