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  • How did a simple dress become the ‘it’ dress?
  • How did a simple dress become the ‘it’ dress?
    Zara (2019) ©

How a spotty dress became an online moment

Turning up to an event in the same dress as someone else used to be the stuff of sartorial nightmares. But, thanks to a culture of celebrating, not shaming, on social, #twinning is often #winning. But how does a dress become ‘the dress’? And how can a single product spark an online moment?

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Have you ever turned up to a wedding to find that you’re wearing the exact same outfit as somebody else? Once firmly considered a fashion faux pas, the virality of high street 'it' pieces like Zara’s sell-out spotty dress in summer 2019, the white flouncy top in 2018 (preferably by Californian brand Dôen), and Zara’s blue off-the-shoulder in 2016, have ignited not only an acceptance that one style really can suit all, but also a sense of community both online and IRL. [1] According to fashion communications specialist Stephanie Barker Fry, “The need to identify ...



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    It’s well-established that people place more value on things they’ve helped create, but that doesn’t mean everyone will appreciate a custom t-shirt in the same way. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Anne-Kathrin Klesse, an assistant professor of marketing, to learn how self-image impacts personalisation.

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    Memes are a staple of internet culture – but what happens when brands try to get in on the action? As part of its #TFW campaign, Gucci collaborated with artists to create branded memes, but was this co-opting of digital youth culture an inspired decision, or just cringeworthy?