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  • What’s driving second-hand luxury purchases?
  • What’s driving second-hand luxury purchases?
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Can second-hand fashion still feel luxurious?

Second-hand fashion has dusted off any remaining mothballs, with online platforms, charity shops, and auction houses catering to frugal fashionistas. While the industry is often called out for fast-fashion waste, how can brands encourage timelessness? And can thrifted threads be luxury items?

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The landscape of luxury is being reimagined, making space for second-hand sellers and circular approaches. While some people opt to buy second-hand goods due to a love of bargain-hunting, other incentives are concerned with the uniqueness and timelessness of luxury goods. In fact, more than one-quarter (26%) of ‘true luxury’ shoppers buy second-hand products. [1] And as people continue to invest in eco-fashion – Britons spent £83 billion on ethical goods in 2017, with the market for second-hand clothing increasing by 22.5% each year – opportunities for pre-loved fashion are growing. [2] 

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    ThredUP: shaking up second-hand shopping

    Where once thrifting carried a social stigma, people are now embracing the joy of buying used clothes, and second-hand shopping is becoming big business. With its offering of high-quality goods and well-known brands, how is ThredUP changing our shopping habits – and the wider retail industry?

  • Selfridges X Depop cultivates new gen of luxe shoppers

    Selfridges X Depop cultivates new gen of luxe shoppers

    In a partnership that combines two seemingly conflicting retail concepts, Depop sellers are being hosted at a pop-up in London’s Selfridges department store. As second-hand social commerce gains popularity, luxury outlets and brands are keen to get in on the action.

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    A Sector Snapshot of Luxury: Jun 2019

    What’s driving the success of the second-hand luxury market? How are the young and affluent spending their newfound riches? Are the status symbols of the past relevant for the elite shoppers of today? And why are unconventional aesthetics taking over in high fashion?

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    Are Americans interested in second-hand luxury?

    Second-hand bargain-hunting is thriving as Americans browse thrift stores and resale sites for sustainable fashion and rare finds. But are they willing to splash out on pre-loved luxury? Canvas8 spoke to 20 people nationwide to understand why they would or wouldn’t buy high-end hand-me-downs.