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  • How are moms using TikTok to bond with their kids?
  • How are moms using TikTok to bond with their kids?
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Why is everyone and their mom on TikTok?

Video-sharing platform TikTok is almost synonymous with teenagers – but now their mothers are getting involved. Meet a new generation of parents: playful, meme-loving lip-syncers who are creating some of the most popular content on the platform.

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In Varli Singh’s first ever TikTok video, she’s on a plane pretending to have a fight in a cramped row of seats. Posted under her username @varlicious, the clip got over 250,000 likes and three million views. For anyone unfamiliar with the platform – launched in the US in August 2018, formerly known as Musical.ly – the comedy of this short clip might seem a little strange. It’s slapstick, and the clips of Singh tussling around with her filming partner are pretty cringey. But that’s exactly what works on TikTok – and teens love it.

Only, Singh is ...



  • TikTok generation helps Lil Nas X top the charts TikTok generation helps Lil Nas X top the charts

    After capturing the cultural imagination of young Americans on TikTok, 'Old Town Road', a viral song by artist Lil Nas X, has broken a record on the US singles chart. This unprecedented success is a clear nod to the growing power of viral social trends in the music industry.

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    Vine and Snapchat may have popularised the short video format on social platforms, but TikTok has broadened the medium’s potential, allowing users to join viral crazes with just their phones. As Gen Z’s attention spans shrink, the app offers an easy way to participate in a wider digital community.

  • Calvin Klein entices TikTok's teen fanbase Calvin Klein entices TikTok's teen fanbase

    Calvin Klein has taken its 'My Calvins' campaign to video sharing platform TikTok to make the most of the social media site’s young, female and highly engaged audience. As the platform is still populated mostly by organic content, users are open to ads that fit with the app’s participatory nature.

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    The ‘Stories’ features on Instagram and Snapchat have proven popular among users for their impermanence, authenticity, and behind-the-scenes nature. But how exactly are they being used by brands, celebrities and regular people? And how are these temporary digital tales evolving?