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  • How do American men define modern masculinity?
  • How do American men define modern masculinity?
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What does the modern man look like in ad land?

A changing cultural climate is seeing both men and women shun toxic masculinity and demand new narratives around ‘being a man’. How are brands attempting to break down gender norms and stereotypes, and why is it so important to have diverse representations of manhood in advertising?

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In 2019, it’s cool to be a girl. Faced with a powerful backlash against patriarchal structures and empowered by movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, women have found their voice, and brands have swiftly moved to tap into the narrative, with everything from Dove’s Self-Esteem Project to the introduction of Ms. Monopoly to Maltesers’ celebration of female friendship. However, for men, the story is different. In this new era, brands are struggling to get a handle on what is means to be a man in the modern age. 

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  • Article image Tyler, the Creator: an icon of new masculinity

    Unpredictable, undefinable, and always provocative, Tyler, the Creator has kept his audiences guessing and growing thanks to his emotionally open, genre-fluid, and highly visual approach. How has he survived past controversies and helped create a new agenda for masculinity in hip-hop culture?

  • Dove 'Biggest Names' ad pushes inclusive masculinity Dove 'Biggest Names' ad pushes inclusive masculinity

    Dove has launched a campaign to appeal to the average man by featuring three athletes who share names with pro sportsmen. Prioritising inclusivity, the brand is tuning into an increasing demand for advertising that more accurately reflects the diverse definitions of modern masculinity.

  • Manual breaks taboo with male body positivity Manual breaks taboo with male body positivity

    Men’s magazine Manual is promoting male body positivity through an Instagram campaign. Given that taboo and stigma around male body shame still exist, there is an opportunity for businesses to open up the conversation and include more diverse male body types in their imagery.

  • Article image Legacy: helping men future-proof their fertility

    Despite fertility rates dropping and men becoming fathers later in life, the issue of male infertility remains shrouded in shame. With space opening up to redress the gender imbalance of family planning, how is Legacy making sperm freezing more practical and appealing for Gen Yers?